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Why play Daily Fantasy Sports?

Daily Fantasy Sports

Come and check this easy daily fantasy sports player’s guide in order to better and win more!

Everyone who loves fantasy sports is excited about the sports season every year. They work all season planning, researching and working on their strategy to get a title or cash a prize in the end. Factors such as injuries, bad trade etc. can easily ruin a season. Then there are more months of work before you can start again. Things are different in DFS.

Daily fantasy sports also are are known as DFS are played in weekly or daily games.

Do not withhold your thrill for fantasy sports a whole year. Use your skills and knowledge in playing a favorite sport against other fans of the game in a daily fantasy sports website. Enjoy drafting your own players and following the game while making cash. The sites give you the opportunity to enter different games against passionate players like you and win hard cash.

Pros and Cons (DFS) vs. Sports Bets

  • If you didn’t land the studs in a season league, do not worry – you can have a new team anytime you want.
  • You never know if sports bets are legal or not, while with DFS everything is legal.
  • With sports betting you can win more money, but with DFS, you have more opportunities to do so.
  • Betting is more based on real knowledge and skills as you play against other DFS players.

Betting on a fantasy sport is less risky and is considered a game in which you need to use your own insights and do some research. You are competing against other human players which make it even more fun. And the best part is that it is legal regardless of where you live.

Similarities between Sports bets and DFS

  • With both, you invest some money in joining the game
  • All sites charge a commission
  • Some sites may offer larger contests
  • Both are risky, but also give great opportunities to win

Sports bets and DFS

What links these two is the passion for the game and for winning. Although DFS are based on skills, there is nothing that can be compared to the thrill to win. They are a great way to have fun and focus on the sport at the same time. You can track the results of your team all the time. Getting closer to the big prize is an awesome feeling!

Season Fantasy Sport vs. Daily Fantasy Sports

Apart from being legal everywhere, DFS is a much better alternative than season long sports. The worries of long-term commitment are gone and you can concentrate on drafting the best team, different every day if needed. There is even more:

The time

In season sports, you are not stuck an entire year with a single team even if things go wrong and you cannot earn any money. Playing daily fantasy sports you prepare your team and strategy for a few hours and if you are not content you can draft another team for the next game.

The money

You can win daily prizes with fantasy sports, no regular fantasy league can offer that.

The team

You are in control to decide who is on your team and what the strategy is.

How to play DFS?

If you are a newbie you should consider following these steps:

Find the best site

DFS in Nigeria

Look around and choose a daily fantasy sports site that you like. Two of the best fantasy sports sites are DraftKings and FanDuel. After signing up you can either check your skills in free games or you can put some money in right away.

Pick the sport

Now it is time to pick the sport. Choose the one you are most familiar with a you know most about. The top most popular daily fantasy sports are fantasy football, fantasy hockey, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, fantasy soccer etc..

Pick the type of game

After you have picked the sport you want to play, you should find the right game type. You can choose between Head to Head, Double Up, Guaranteed Prize Pool, Free Roll Games. With Head to Head type of game, it is you and another person playing and the chance to win is 50/50. With GPP, you can win large cash prizes with a low fee for entering the game.

Draft the team

Now is time to create your team. The team and the strategy are dictated by the type of contest and the sport of choice.

Still not convinced?

With daily fantasy sports, there are endless combinations of game and sports types, prizes and duration. If you like different sports, there is a wide variety of them in the sites like golf, tennis, college sports, MMA or NASCAR.


Why should you give it a a try?

  • Enjoy the game without a long-term commitment, play daily and improve your strategy.
  • Test your skills and play in competition with friends and sports fans from different countries.
  • You do not need to check the law all the time, fantasy sports are a game of skills and are legal everywhere.
  • If you are good you can earn some extra cash and even turn it into a career.
  • It gives everyone the chance to make it big.
  • You play from home or from any spot in the world, using your mobile device.
  • With fantasy sports, you learn more about your favorite sport and gain more skills.
  • The versatility of DFS makes it possible for you to play in different games and situations every day and try different genres to improve your sport skills.

In conclusion, with daily fantasy sports, you can have fun, improve your skills and win money. It is risky, so you should remember to never bet more than you can afford. You can even turn DFS into a full-time job if you become good enough at it, just manage the risk and your finances wisely, so that you can enjoy the fun.

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