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Parimatch Nigeria for Online Gaming

Bored with the humdrum realities of life? Don’t let the chips get you down! Thanks to Parimatch, a gaming tuition site set up by Dartmouth-based poker success story Dan Mason, you too can join the world of the glamorous high rollers – and there’s no need to venture to Las Vegas to learn the necessary skills!

Aimed at players of all abilities, Parimatch offers guidance at any level and type of Texas Hold’em, which is the most popular form of poker in the world today. Complete beginners are helped through the jargon and given the information they need to start playing proficiently.

Those with intermediate experience learn what hands to play and how to play them successfully, gain help with strategies for multi-table and single-table tournaments, and can try their hand at the more challenging Omaha and Stud poker. Accomplished players can receive advice on how to qualify for the World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker events. The advice is personalised and given by real professionals.

All members benefit from Parimatch’s chat room, message forum, tournament news, list of recommended books for players of different abilities and friendly community feel. To join the site, they simply need to fill in an online registration form.

Parimatch can set up private games between its players – although no money is wagered through the site itself. Any betting takes place on the leading gaming sites, Party Poker and Ultimate Bet, with which Parimatch has set up deals. As Parimatch gains referral fees from games played by its members on the two sites, its tuition and advice services remain free of charge.

Online Poker huge profits for gambling companies

Poker has been the leading catalysts in the online casino revolution and recent figures have revealed huge profits for the online gambling companies. This year, online casino poker topped $2.4 billion in revenues, accounting for 20% of the overall revenues generated by online gambling worldwide. Experts estimate that by the year 2020, online poker will account for 27% of the profits generated by the online gambling market, reaching a whopping $6.7 billion. If you take into account that last year Las Vegas´ Strip casinos managed to pull in a combined $5.3 billion, it becomes apparent why many experts believe that online casinos are set to outshine all other forms of casino gambling, including sports gambling.

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What are casino operators in Vegas are planning as a response to online casino sites gradually taking over the industry? If you happen to catch 60 Minutes that was aired a couple of weeks ago, you would have noticed a prominent CEO from one of Las Vegas´ most prominent casinos saying that she is all for regulating the online casino business. The news made a lot of waves, considering that you would not expect someone from the opposite side of the fence to advocate online gambling.

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As weird as it sounds, regulating the online casino industry makes a lot of sense for land based casino operators. As it stands now, land based casino operators cannot compete with online casinos since they are prohibited by law to provide online gambling services to people who reside in the Nigeria. However, if the online casino industry is to be regulated, it will level the playing field allowing them to run their own online casino site, thus having an equal shot at a piece of the pie.

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